Library Cards


Ages 16 and up, picture ID and proof of residency are required.


Children ages 5 to 16 are required to have a parent/legal guardian sign the application. The parent/guardian will be required to supply picture ID and proof of residency and upon signing the application accepts responsibility for internet usage, lost or damaged materials and any fines incurred.

ODU-Out of District User

Persons living outside the Henry County area will be charged a $15.00 yearly fee.

Replacement Cards

Replacement cards will cost $1.00

Lost or Stolen Cards

To protect your library record report lost/stolen cards immediately. Until reported, patrons are responsible for all materials and fines incurred.



Your library records are confidential. For your protection, you must present your library card for transactions. You will also be asked for your library card number in cases of telephone access, so you will want to have your card in hand when calling to renew a book or check your record.

Smoke Free Zone

Henry County Library patrons should be informed that All Henry County Library library facilities and grounds have been designated as smoke free areas. This directive was made in an effort to conform to the recent decision by the Henry County Commissioners, which declared county facilities as non-smoking areas.

The library appreciates your cooperation as we make the changes needed to meet the needs of our patrons and community.

Checkout Periods - Fines / Renewals


2 week checkout, five cents per day overdue, may be renewed up to four times in no reserves.

Speed Read Books

1 week checkout, $1.00 per day overdue, no renewals.

Videos (Tapes or DVDs)

2 week checkout, five cents per day overdue, no renewals

Audios (including Playaways)

2 week checkout, five cents per day overdue, may be renewed up to four times if no reserves.

Jigsaw Puzzles

2 week checkout, five cents per day overdue, may be renewed up to four times if no reserves.

Cakepans, etc..

2 week checkout, five cents per day overdue, may be renewed up to four times if no reserves.

Inter Library Loan

Date due determined by lending library, $1.00 per day overdue, no renewals.

Audio/Visual Equipment

5 day checkout, $1.00 per day overdue, no renewals.


2 week checkout, five cents per day overdue, no renewals.

Long overdue accounts will be submitted to an outside agency for action and are subject to a $10.00 service charge. See Collection Agency page for details.


Collection Policy




Section 1:  The purpose of this policy is to guide the Director and to inform the public about the principles upon which decisions are made.  A policy cannot replace the judgment of the Director, but stating goals and indicating boundaries will assist him or her in choosing from the best array of available materials.  One of the Library's goals is the provision of materials which best meet the community's informational, recreational, and educational needs.  Basic to this policy is the Library Bill of Rights adopted by the HCL Trustees, May 12, 1984.  See Appendix #1.



Section 2:  Objectives:  The primary objectives of the Henry County Library are to collect, produce and make easily available materials of contemporary significance and of long-term value.  The Henry County Library will always be guided by a sense of responsibility to both present and future in adding materials, which will enrich the collection and maintain an overall balance.  The Henry County Library also recognizes an immediate duty to make available materials for enlightenment and recreation.


                All staff members selecting library materials or authorizing the same will be expected to keep these objectives in mind and apply their professional knowledge and experience in making decisions.  Final responsibility lies with the Director.  The Director delegates to staff members the authority to interpret and guide the applications of the policy in making day-to-day decisions. Unusual problems will be referred to the Director for resolution.


Section 3:  Guidelines for selection: The Library recognizes that many materials are controversial and that any given item may offend some patrons.  Decisions will not be made on the basis of any anticipated approval or disapproval, but solely on the merits of the work in relation to the building of the collection and to serving the interest of patrons.


                Responsibility for children's use of library materials rests with their parents or legal guardians.  Selection decisions will not be inhibited by the possibility that material may be accessible to use by children.  The library does not attempt to acquire textbooks or other curriculum-related materials except as such materials also serve the general public.


                The library acknowledges a particular interest in local, county and state history.  It will take a broad view of works by and about Missouri authors as well as general works relating to the state of Missouri.  However, the library is not under obligation to add to its collection everything about Missouri or produced by authors, printers or publishers with Missouri connections.  The library will always seek to select materials of varying complexity and format because it has a potential public embracing a wide range of ages, educational background, interest, sensory experiences, and reading skills.


                The Library will pay due regard to the special civic, commercial, cooperative, cultural, industrial, and labor activities of each of the communities it serves.  The Library materials will not be marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of the contents and materials will not be sequestered except for the purpose of protecting them from damage or theft.


                Gifts of materials will be accepted for integration into the collection only if they meet the selection criteria. Any donated materials not accepted into the collection will be sold with the funds going towards the purchase of more materials.


                The Library will reconsider any material in its collection upon the completion of a signed Reconsideration Request.  

Internet Usage, Wifi, and Computer Lab policies


Section 1: In response to advances in technology and the changing needs of the community, the Henry County Library endeavors to develop collections, resources and services that meet the cultural, informational, recreational and educational needs of Henry County.  It is within this context that the Henry County Library offers access to the internet. 


Section 2: The Henry County Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the internet and cannot be held responsible for its content.  The internet is a global entity with a highly diverse user population and it is your responsibility to use this resource wisely.


Section 3: All internet resources accessible through the Henry County Library are provided equally to all library users.  Parents or guardians, NOT the library or its staff, are responsible for the internet information selected and/or accessed by their children.  Parents-and only parents-may restrict their children-and only their children-from access to internet resources accessible through the Henry County Library.  Parents are advised to supervise their children’s internet sessions.  To be more specific:


A.The Henry County Library complies with CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act).  There is explicit material and other informational resources, which you may personally find controversial or inappropriate.

B.Not all sources on the internet provide accurate, complete or current information.  You need to be a good information consumer, questioning the validity of the information you find

C.Although we use a virus checker, this will not completely protect you from the chance of getting a virus.  Software downloaded from the internet may contain a virus and you need to have virus-checking software on your home computer.  The Henry County Library is not responsible for damage to a patron’s disc, zip drive or computer, or for any loss of data, damage or liability that may occur from patron use of the library’s computers.  

D.You may not be able to always go to the places on the internet you want to visit.  There are many reasons, among them:


·  There are too many internet visitors and the host computer has closed or limited access from the “outside world”

·  The database or resource is licensed to a particular institution, in which case you would need to be affiliated with the institution in order to get access.

·  The site requires specialized software, which is not available on the library’s computers.

·  The host computer has changed its address or has closed down.

·  The host computer may be “off the net” due to technical difficulties or to carry out periodic maintenance.

·  The library’s internet connection may be temporarily inoperable due to technical difficulties.



Section 1: Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) is provided free of charge by the Henry County Library. Use of this service is governed by the Henry County Library’s internet use policy. 


A.Wi-Fi access is provided free of service on an “as is” basis with no guarantee of service.

B.Users are responsible for setting up their equipment to access the Henry County Library’s Wi-Fi network.  Library staff can provide general information or handouts to help connect to the Wi-Fi network.  Library staff will not provide technical assistance and will not assume any responsibility for personal hardware, configurations, security or changes to data files resulting from connection to the library’s Wi-Fi network.  It is recommended that users make a backup copy of any settings changed before configuring their equipment for use on the library’s Wi-Fi network.

C.All Wi-Fi users should have up-to-date antivirus software installed on their computers.

D.As with most public Wi-Fi networks, the Henry County Library’s wireless network is not secure.  Any information transmitted (including credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information) could potentially be intercepted by another user.

E.The library’s Wi-Fi network is subject to periodic maintenance and unforeseen downtime.

F.The library filters all internet access.  This filter blocks those sites that violate the library’s internet use policy.

G.The library assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of equipment.  Users must keep their equipment with them at all times.

H.Printing access is not available via the Wi-Fi network.  If the user desires to print, the file can be saved to a zip drive or emailed to themselves and printed from one of the library’s public access computers .10 cents a page. 

I.Any attempt to circumvent library procedures or any unauthorized attempt to access or manipulate library equipment will result in permanent disconnection from the library’s Wi-Fi network.



Computer Lab

Section 1: Any person wishing to use the computers or micro-equipment provided by the library is required to be a library patron in good standing. 


  1. Each person must produce a valid library card to access the equipment.  There is a two (2) hour per day limit on all equipment at both the Clinton and Windsor locations. With one (1) computer being designated as 30-minute use at the Clinton facility. 
  2. A parent or guardian must accompany children who are under ten (10) years of age.
  3. The maximum number of people allowed to use any piece of equipment is two (2). 
Overdue Materials



Section 1: Overdue charges: print material, audios, jigsaw puzzles, cake pans and topic totes shall be five (5) cents per day (excluding Sundays and library holidays) per item with a maximum charge of $1.00 per item.  Videos are five cents per day per item with a maximum charge of $1.00 per item.  Speed Reads (written material of great demand) are $1.00 per day per item with a maximum of $10.00 per item.


  1. Overdue notifications are made using the following method.


· A patron will be notified when an item is two (2) weeks overdue.


· If the material is not returned, a second notice will be given when the material is four (4) weeks overdue.


· When the item is eight (8) weeks overdue, notification will be made by first class mail to the address listed on the library card application stating the following: AS OF DATE OF THIS LETTER, ALL LIBRARY PRIVILEDGES WILL BE DENIED TO THE HOLDER OF THIS LIBRARY CARD UNTIL THE OVERDUE ITEMS ARE RETURNED AND ALL FINES PAID IN FULL OR THE MATERIALS ARE PAID FOR IN FULL.



B.Payment for lost or damaged items: in the case that an item is lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, payment will be expected as follows:


     · Book still in print: replacement cost (as determined by the website Amazon.com).


      · Book out of print: the original cost of the book when purchased or $20.00 whichever is higher. 


      · Juvenile board books out of print: the original cost of the book when purchased or $10.00 whichever is higher..


      · Magazines: the original (newsstand) cost of the magazine.


      · Compact discs: replacement cost or $20.00 per set whichever is higher plus $5.00 processing fee.  In multiple audio sets replacement cost is $10.00 per item to be replaced.


      · Videos and DVDs: replacement cost.


      · Playaways: the original cost or $50.00 if no longer available.


      · Cake pans: $10.00 each.


      · Jigsaw Puzzles: $2.00 each.


If an item that was lost and has been paid for is found within three (3) months of the payment day, the patron will be refunded everything except the processing fee in those cases that warrant such action.

Library User Behavior Policy


Section 1: All library patrons are expected to respect the following policies while on library property. Any staff member may ask a library patron to comply with these policies.


  1. The library is to be used for library-related purposes only, except as defined in the Friends Room policy.
  2. Library property is to be respected at all times. Patrons will be held financially responsible for damage to library property.
  3. Violent, lewd, or disorderly conduct is not permitted on library property.
  4. Any behavior that is disruptive other patrons or staff is prohibited.
  5. Obtaining signatures on a petition, conducting surveys or investigations or distributing printed materials are prohibited on library premises. These restrictions do not apply to library related activities.
  6. There shall be no food or drink in areas where electronic equipment is in use.
  7. No smoking or alcohol is permitted on library property.
  8. Service animals are the only animals permitted in the building. Service animals must be in control of the owner at all times. Exceptions to this rule are made at the discretion of the Director. See appendix 2.
  9. Children in the library for any extended period of time are to be accompanied by an adult. The library assumes no responsibility for supervision or protection of children.
  10. Any person left at the library at the time of closing will be asked to vacate the building. Any unattended child will be considered abandoned and the library staff will contact the police to take custody of the child. At no time will library staff transport children or be held responsible for them.
  11. Cell phones are to be kept on vibrate in the library. Cell-phones are to be used in a respectful manner in the library.


VIOLATION: Those violating any of the above policies may have library privileges suspended at the discretion of the Director.

Friends Meeting Room Policy


Section 1: The policy for the Friends of the Henry County Library meeting room is as follows:

  1.  Library sponsored activities are given priority in scheduling the use of the room.
  2. The name and address of the library cannot be used as the official address of any user organization.
  3. The Friends room is available by reservation to groups from Henry County or groups who are providing services to residents of Henry County.  Any group or individual using the Friends room to host a for-profit event must pay a $50.00 rental fee. Staff permission is required to change the thermostat.
  4. Reservations for using the meeting room must be made in advance either over the phone, via e-mail, via the Henry County Library website or in person at the Reference desk. The reservation must include the name of the organization, time period desired, and the name and telephone number of a contact person.
  5. Capacity for the room is 50.  Nothing is to be attached to the walls or ceiling.
  6. The person signing the reservation form is responsible for checking the restroom to determine that the trashcan is left empty and the toilet flushed, all trash is placed in the dumpster and all furniture is returned to its normal position. The key is to be returned to the Reference desk if the library is open and placed in the book drop if the library is closed.  An attendance form MUST be filled out and returned with the keys.  There is a $10.00 per day overdue charge for not returning the keys.
  7. The person signing the reservation form is responsible for any damage to the room or contents.  All spills must be taken care of immediately.  Any damages to room or contents must be reported immediately. No equipment or items that may damage the room or leave permanent stains are allowed.
  8. Children’s groups may use the Friends room provided they are supervised by at least one (1) adult for every ten (10) children.
  9. Smoking or the use of any type of alcohol is not allowed in the building at any time.
  10. The Director is authorized to deny permission to use the Friends room to any group that is disorderly, objectionable or in any way or violates these regulations.
  11. Storage facilities will not be provided to any organization.
Public Posting



Section 1: The posting of announcements must be confined to the area designated specifically for that purpose.  The library does not post material relating to activities undertaken for individual gain or commercial profit, nor does it post personal or political campaign literature.

Henry County Library Mission Statement











Adopted by the Henry County Library Board 4/26/2016

Henry County Library Strategic Plan 2017-2021



It is the goal of the Henry County Library to focus on continued growth and improvement throughout the next five years. The aim of this strategic plan is to create a list of projects for improvement of the library and its services and to provide a detailed timeline for the completion of these projects. These projects are grouped into themes. The strategic planning themes are:





Collection and circulation



Hours of Operation




2017: Teen area, Clinton

Currently, the Clinton location does not have a space explicitly designated for teen patrons. This plan proposes setting aside funds in 2017 designated towards creating a warm and inviting area in the open space in front of the teen collection that will be a designated teen zone. This will include putting teen themed graphics on the back wall above the teen materials, having a charging station for electronic devices, and buying bright and colorful furniture and tables for teens to use to read, study, and use electronic devices. The goal of this renovation project is to increase teen patronage of the library and to better fulfill our role as a welcoming place for individuals of all ages.


2018: Children’s Area, Clinton and Windsor

The children’s areas in both the Clinton and Windsor library locations lack educational interactive toys for babies and toddlers to play with. While the library does offer educational computers to be used for children ages 5+ there is nothing interactive for smaller children. This plan proposes that in 2018 the library set aside funds to purchase interactive toys and play centers as well as colorful carpets for both library children’s areas. This plan also proposes purchasing seating for children at the Windsor location as they currently lack any chairs specifically designated for children.


2018: Carpet Replacement, Windsor

The carpet at the Lenora Blackmore Branch is worn, and often separates from the floor and bunches up. A more vibrant, durable carpet is needed for the entire branch. This plan proposes purchasing and installing new carpet in the Windsor location in 2018.


2019: Reference Area, Clinton

In the year 2019 this plan proposes remodeling the reference area of the Clinton location. The goal of this renovation is to create a more comfortable, brighter, up-to-date reading area and computer lab. New furniture will be purchased for the main reading area with a look for comfort and style. Shelves will be moved in order to widen this space and make it roomier. The chairs at the study tables will be replaced for ones that are more comfortable and easier to use by older adults. The computer room will be decorated with framed prints of past library locations.


2019: Bathroom floor replacement, Windsor

In 2019 the floor of the bathroom of the Lenora Blackmore Branch will be replaced as the current floor is damaged.


2021: Outdoor seating area, Clinton

In 2021 this plan proposes the purchase of benches and tables for the outside of the Clinton location in order to create a shaded outside reading area. This will give patrons a space outdoors where they can read and take advantage of the land beyond the parking lot that is currently infrequently used.





Throughout the next five years the library will seek to increase the quality of programs offered to the community of Henry County. Currently the library lacks significant teen programming. Throughout the following five years the library will focus on increasing the number and quality of teen programs with the goal of making the Henry County Library a destination for teens in the county.

The Henry County Library will also focus on presenting programs on topics of interest as requested by patrons in our recent library survey, specifically genealogy programs and training, author visits, book clubs, craft programs, and local history themed programs.



2019: Hardware and Software Evaluation

Throughout the year 2019 the Henry County Library will do an evaluation of all of the hardware and software at both branches and determine what equipment and programs need to be updated or are no longer usable. This will include assessing all of the computer equipment, the internal servers, the wifi devices, and the library’s integrated library system and online public access catalog. The goal will be to make sure all equipment is operating properly and it not out of date and that the software is user friendly and is fulfilling the needs of the library.




Throughout the year 2017 the Henry County Library will create a detailed training plan for new employees. This plan will ensure that all newly hired staff members get training in important areas such as customer service, safety and security, and anti-harassment. The Henry County Library will also create a specific training plan for each position within the library system detailing the skills and abilities each new staff member needs to learn for their position. This training plan will insure that all staff are knowledgeable about their positions and are able to confidently carry out all of the tasks associated with their job. Current staff members will also use the training plan to refresh skills on a yearly basis.



2017: Review of fines:

In the beginning of 2017 the Henry County Library will evaluate current fine amounts to determine if they are consistent with amounts in libraries in similar communities.

2018: Reference collection review:

In the year 2018 the Henry County Library will review all of the materials in the reference collection to determine the relevancy of the materials. All out of date materials will be replaced. Materials and collections that are no longer relevant will be removed and gaps in the reference collection will be filled.

2020: Books Carts:

In the year 2020 the library will purchase book carts for both library locations to be put among the stacks. The intended use of these carts is for patrons to put books on that they have pulled from the shelves but do not intend to check out. This is meant to alleviate the need for patrons to shelve the books themselves which can be complicated and time consuming.

2021: Collection label Evaluation:

In 2021 the Henry County Library will evaluate how the print materials in both library locations are labeled and determine if the materials needs to be labeled in a different manner that would make it easier for patrons to find the materials they are looking for. The library will also investigate increasing the number of genre specific labels on materials to make certain types of materials easier to find within the collection.



2017: Camera

This plan proposes that the Henry County Library purchase new more professional cameras for both library locations to use to take promotional photographs for our web-site and for social media use.

2018: Outdoor electronic sign

The Henry County Library will purchase a new outdoor electronic sign to promote library programs and services throughout the community. The sign would inform people passing outside of the library about what is happening at the library and encourage more people to come to the library.

2020: Internal monitors

The Henry County Library will seek to purchase internal flat screen monitors for both library locations that will be mounted in highly visible areas of the building in the year 2020. These monitors will announce library programs and services. The goal is to increase patron awareness of library events.

2017-2021: Marketing of programs and services

Throughout the next five years the library will seek better ways to market programs and services to the patrons of Henry County. The library will consider such approaches as allowing patrons to subscribe to an electronic e-mail list where they will get e-mail blasts about upcoming events and also an electronic quarterly newsletter. The library will also focus on in-house promotion of programs and partnering with other community groups to increase awareness of library programs.



2017: Collection Signs

In 2017 the library will purchase large signs for each of our collection areas in the Clinton location (fiction, non-fiction, large print, DVDs, Audiobooks etc…) that are colorful and eye catching to hang from the ceiling over their respective sections of the library. These signs are intended to be much more visible than our current signs and much brighter. The goal is to make it easier for patrons to find the section of materials they are looking for and to give the library a better ambiance.

2018: Book Sale Table

The current book sale table at the Clinton location is large, takes up much space, and is difficult to navigate. In 2018 the library will buy attractive shelving for the book sale books so they will be housed in a way that makes them easier to browse which is intended to increase sales and to make the book sale section of the gallery more attractive. The library will also seek to create a small book sale section at the Windsor location.


Over the five year period represented by this strategic plan the library seeks to make the material collection more attractive to patrons by creating interesting large displays, improving the presentation of the materials on the shelves by putting more books face-out, putting ‘coffee-table’ type books on the tables and by creating mini-displays in the stacks. The library will also seek to work with local schools, artists, and community art groups to have more local art on the wall to brighten up the atmosphere of the library.




In the year 2020 the Henry County library will evaluate extending hours at each library location. At Windsor the library will determine if new staff will be required to fill extra hours and whether hours should be added in the mornings, evenings or at both times of the day. At the Clinton location the library will determine if more hours need to be added in the evenings on Friday and Saturday and if the library needs to be open on Sunday. The library will also consider whether the library should close earlier on the weekdays. A traffic analysis will be done in order to make this decision.



2017: Re-establish a Friends of the Library Group

In 2017 the Henry County Library will work to re-establish a Friends of the Library group by recruiting interested community members, setting up a bank account, and creating an official Friends of the Library policy manual.

2017-2021: Focus on creating more community partnerships

Throughout the strategic planning period, the library will focus on reaching out to community groups in the area to create strong and lasting partnerships. This will involve coordinating programming, sharing services, and connecting interested community groups with library resources. The goal of these efforts will be to increase the library presence in the community via outreach.