150th Anniversary of Little Women- Jennifer Jackson


Jennifer Jackson’s Collection Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the publication of Little Women.


When Jennifer Jackson was in school in the 1950s, her parents began giving her a Little Women doll by Madame Alexander for Christmas each year. The first was Jo. By the next year, the company had changed to making smaller dolls, so Meg, Beth and Amy are different. She does not know why her parents gave her the dolls --it was her older sister who  liked the books -- and it made Christmas a little anti-climatic. These were not dolls that you played with. But being the tomboy of three girls though, Jennifer did identify with Jo. 


With the 150th anniversary of the publication of Little Women this year, she thought the dolls would make a nice centerpiece for a library display. She hopes that modern little women will rediscover the book and identify with the characters.


Jennifer Jackson’s Display celebrating the 150th anniversary of Little Women can be seen in the large display case at the Henry County Library from August-October. Come by and rediscover this great Louisa May Alcott classic all over again.