Friends of the Library Room

                Do you need a space to host a gathering? Consider using the Friends of the Library room at the Henry County Library, Clinton location. The room measures 30’ x 33’ and includes a fully functioning kitchenette, a restroom, a piano, 10 tables and 50 chairs. The room is handicapped accessible and is perfect for presentations, parties, and social events of all kinds. To make a reservation for the Friends Room please click the link below to access a reservation form or call us at 660-885-2612. Please take the time to read through the Friends Room policies carefully before making your reservation.


The policy for the Friends of the Henry County Library meeting room is as follows:


  1. Library sponsored activities are given priority in scheduling the use of the room.
  2. The name or address of the library cannot be used as the official address of any user organization.
  3. The Friends room is available by reservation to groups from Henry County whose purposes are civic, cultural, or educational in nature for no fee. The Friends room is available to non-Henry County groups and commercial groups for a fee of $50.00.
  4. Reservations for using the meeting room must include the name of the organization, time period desired, and the name and telephone number of the person responsible.
  5. Capacity for the room is 50.  An attendance form MUST be filled out and left at the Reference Desk or after hours returned with the key in the overnight book drop on the north side of the building.
  6. The person signing the reservation form is to be responsible for checking the bathroom to determine that it is empty and flushed, all trash is placed in the dumpster and all furniture is returned to its normal positions.  The key is to be returned to the Reference Desk if the library is open or after hours returned with the attendance form in the overnight book drop on the north side of the building. At that time the staff should be notified of any damage to the building or contents.  There will be an overdue charge of $10.00 per day for each day the key is not returned.  
  7. The person signing the reservation form is responsible for any damage to the room or contents. All spills must be taken care of immediately.
  8. Nothing is to be attached to the walls or ceiling, only to the tack strip.
  9. Children's groups may use the Friends room provided they are supervised by at least one adult for every ten (10) children.
  10. Group activities involving more than normal wear and tear on the Friends room are permitted only if the user provides floor and table protectors and is willing to be financially responsible for any damage.
  11. Smoking and alcoholic beverages will not be allowed in the building at any time.
  12. The director is authorized to deny permission to use the Friends room to any group that is disorderly, objectionable in any way, or violates these regulations.
  13. Any regularly scheduled meeting may not book the room for more than six (6) consecutive months and may be renewed at the end of five (5) months.
  14. Storage facilities will not be provided to any organization.
  15. The thermostat is set at the most energy efficient level and locked. An organization that wishes to change the thermostat must ask a member of the library staff. Changing of the thermostat by an organization or indivual using the room is prohibited.
  16. The library will not provide paper products: paper towels, napkins, etc for any group.
  17. The Henry County Library name cannot be used in any advertisement without consent of the director.