Drive Thru Window




By: Kristin Evans

Director of Library Services


Picture this: Its raining out and not just a light rain, but a cold miserable down pour. You have two young kids in the car who are begging for a Fancy Nancy book and a book about elephants respectively. The last thing you want to do is to stand in the rain, unbuckling your kiddos from their car seats, only to run inside the library, dripping wet to grab a few books and then have to brave the elements again.

Well, lucky for you this harrowing situation will soon be a thing of the past. The Henry County Library is happy to announce that with the help of a grant from the Truman Lake Foundation, it can now offer a full service drive-thru window at the main location in Clinton. Patrons can now come to the window to pick-up holds, check-out items, renew materials, pay fines, and find out when materials are due.

With the help of the Truman Lake Foundation grant money, the Library has been able to purchase equipment for a miniature circulation station right next to the already existing drive-thru window. The library also now has new reserve request forms that allow you to ask that your hold items be ready at the drive-thru window. You can also specify the drive-thru for pick-up when requesting holds online through your library account.

The new drive-thru option is meant to add convenience and speed to the library’s already great services and will allow for easier use of the library for patrons who have difficulty getting in and out of the car, patrons with children, patrons who want to avoid bad weather conditions, patrons in a hurry, and anyone who generally prefers drive-thru service.

If you forgot to ask for drive-thru pick-up in advance, no problem. Just call 660-885-2612 ahead of your arrival and we can move your items to the drive-thru so that they are ready for you.

The Henry County Library is proud to announce this new great service. We may not be as sleek as your favorite fast food establishment but we can come pretty close! Come check out the new drive-thru full service drive thru today!