New and Improved Catalog


By: Kristin Evans

Director of Library Services




Some of you may be old enough to remember what old-fashioned library card catalogs are. Patrons would have to approach a giant wooden monstrosity full of tiny drawers and pull out the long drawer they wanted and laboriously flip through thin little cards to find the library materials they wanted. Library catalogs have come a long way since then. They are digitized and online now. Patrons can just type in an author, or a title or a keyword and get results instantly. The Henry County Library is proud to announce that our online public access catalog or OPAC to those of us in the library biz is getting an upgrade.

Previously, when you opened a record for a book, let’s just say Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, for example, you would get the title, author, publish date, page count a short description with a listing of keywords, and information on where the title was located in the library and whether it was on the shelf or not. Our new and improved catalog will now provide a lot more great features:

A list of all the books in the series if, like Harry Potter the book is part of a set and an interface that will tell you which of these books the library owns.

A list of other books that the library owns that are similar to the one you have chosen. These are called ‘read-a-likes’ and help you find new titles and authors that are similar to your favorites.

A short bio of the author of the title you have chosen.

An excerpt from the book. This lets you read a little of the book right in the catalog record to help you decide if this is really the book for you.

Professional reviews. Read reviews of the book from syndicated literary publications to find out whether the title you have chosen got high marks.

We hope these features will allow patrons to get more information about the titles they are interested in without having to leave the library’s catalog to look for the info elsewhere. We encourage everyone to checkout our new catalog by going to and clicking on the purple Catalog button near the top of the page.

Also, don’t forget that you can put items on hold, renew your items, see what you have checked out, and see your due dates by logging into your library account online. Just put in your full library card number in the username box and again in the password box. That’s right! Your library card number is your password. For help using any of the great features in our catalog please call us at 660-855-2612 or visit us in person at either library location.