Board Meeting Minutes

With the assistance of the Missouri State Archives the board minutes of the Henry County Library and its predecessors have been scanned and the resulting images saved in a set of .pdf files, which are now available here on the Library's website.

Note that these are large files, anywhere from 12 to 203 Megabytes, and will take a long time to load. Rather than read the files directly online it will usually be easier to first download the file or files you are interested in and then work off-line. To do this, right click on the link for the chosen file, then select "Save Target as ..." in Internet Explorer or "Save Link as ..." in Firefox, choose the directory you wish to store the file in, and then click on Save to start the Download.

Volume 1 through 9 were hand written. Because of the limitations of the available OCR software, which is generally not capable of handling hand written text, these volumes are not searchable.

Volumes 10 through 12 were typewritten and the text is searchable.

Volumes 13 and 14 were computer printed and the text is searchable.

The Lenora Blackmore Volume is a mixture of hand written items, newspaper clippings and both typewritten and computer generated pages. The text is searchable.

The OCR software used to produce the "searchable text" for Volumes 10-14 and the Lenora Blackmore minutes generally does an excellent job of converting laser printed material to readable text. It handles newspaper clippings somewhat less well, especially if the clipping includes bits of text from adjacent columns. The software often has problems in converting typewritten text, depending on the quality of the typewriter's printing element and the quality of the ribbon. The result of this is that the "searchable text" in the .pdf file may have some to many words misspelled or otherwise incorrectly converted. A search of the .pdf will not find the word searched for even though it is there in the image files, because it is not in the converted text.

If anyone is interested in indexing the minutes, either all or just one volume, please contact the Henry County Library at 660-885-2612 or 1-866-CALLHCL, so that we can place the results of your indexing efforts on the website to help others more easily find material. Even a simple list of which meeting is described on which page of one of the volumes would be very useful.