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Henry County Republican, 1891-1910

The Henry County Republican was found by in 1891 by publishers H.H Mitchell and C.A. Mitchell. Staunchly Republican in its politics, the paper stated “the Republican knows no master by the welfare of the party…party, not faction, will control the policy of the Republican.” (citation) In 1903 the Mitchells sold the paper to Clarence D. Wallace. The Republican was sold again in 1907 to R.V. Fellhauer, who ran the paper as sole publisher for two years before establishing the Henry County Republican Printing Company in 1909.

Urich Herald, 1893-1957

The Urich Herald was founded in May 1893 by editor and publisher Mack V. Thralls, former publisher of the Appleton City Journal. Described as “Political, but non-partisan. Independent in all things, neutral in nothing civic or moral,” (citation) the Herald covered both local, national, and international news. After twenty years at the Herald, Mack V. Thralls sold the paper to Professor Henry Hillebrand Jr. in 1913.  The paper changed hands again less than a year later when Hillebrand sold the paper to Urich local J.A. Overbey.


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