Montrose Tidings, 1919-1943

Following the 1918 fire that destroyed the offices of the Montrose Recorder, members of the Montrose Commercial Club approached James Bush, publisher and editor of the Calhoun Clarion, about starting a new paper in Montrose. Publisher James R. Bush and his son, Adolphus S. Bush, relocated to Montrose and established the Montrose Tidings. In 1923 the paper was sold to husband and wife publishing team Thomas and Lois E. Daniel until 1925, when they sold the Tidings to Woodville Stout. The paper changed hands once again in 1929, after being purchased by Gail Donley and L.E. Shields. The Montrose Tidings joined with the Urich Herald in 1957 to form the Urich Herald-Montrose Tidings.

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