Have You Listened to a Good Book Recently?

Check Out the Henry County Library

By Kristin Bennett

Director of Library Service


Have you listened to a good book recently?

                We have hit the heart of summer and that means vacations and road trips. Travel time is the perfect opportunity to catch up with your favorite author or start that new series your friends have been talking about. This can be easily accomplished while you are on the road by picking up an audiobook from the library.

The Henry County Library has over 4,000 audiobooks to choose from. There are adult audiobooks, young adult audiobooks, and children’s audiobooks. Audiobooks check out for 2 weeks and can be renewed up to four times as long as there is not a hold on them so you can check them out for even the longest trips.

 If you hate having to mess with changing CDs in and out of your stereo system the Henry County Library also offers several hundred ‘Playways’. These are small MP3 like devices that you just need to add a AAA battery and some headphones to and press play. You can listen to your book on this small device that fits easily in a pocket. Playaways can be paused, rewound, forwarded and you can even speed up or slow down the narration to get it to your perfect listening speed. These devices are perfect for listening to when you are doing something where you don’t have access to a stereo system such as riding a bike, or taking a walk.

One of my favorite ways of listening to audiobooks is by downloading them from our online e-book/ e-audiobook platform called Missouri Libraries 2 Go. You can reach this platform through our Henry County Webpage www.henrycolib.org or through their website directly, www.molib2go.org. Through this portal you can download any of their 5,717 audiobook titles for free on any of your internet connected devices such as your smart phone, your ipod, or your tablet. You can check out these e-audiobooks from the convenience of your home or from your vacation spot as long as it has internet access. Most of the e-audiobooks check out for 2 weeks and automatically expire at the end of the check-out period so you don’t have to worry about returning them.

Listening to books is easier and more accessible than ever. Audiobooks, playaways, and e-audiobooks allow you to indulge your love of reading in the car, while doing chores, gardening, running, working out at the gym or in any number of situations. If you haven’t tried an audiobook before I encourage you to pick one up next time you are at the library and give it a listen.

For more information about our audiobooks or to set up an appointment to learn how to download e-audiobooks please call 660-885-2612 or e-mail hcl@henrycolib.org.