Your Place to Go for Graphic Novels

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By: Kristin Bennett

Your Go To Place for Graphic Novels

You might have noticed that superheroes seem to be everywhere these days; in the movies, on TV, on t-shirts, backpacks, cell phone covers, and of course in the Henry County Library. Yes, the library carries graphic novels which is a newer fancier name for comic books. We have the favorites such as Batman, Superman, Avengers, X-Men, Spider Man, and Green Lantern. But graphic novels aren’t just about superheroes. The graphic novel format has become a very popular medium for memoirs such as Dare to Disappoint: Growing up in Turkey by Ozge Samanci and Relish: My Life in the Kitchen by Lucy Kinsley both of which allow their authors to portray their lives not just in words but also in pictures and cartoons. Non-fiction graphic novels are also a growing trend. Many teachers already know that educational graphic novels are a great way to interest students in learning. The Henry County Library carries many different non-fiction graphic novel series such as ‘Graphic Battles of the Civil War’, ‘Graphic Battles of WWII’, ‘Graphic Mythology’, ‘Jr. Graphic Biographies’, and ‘Graphic Dinosaurs’.

Another hit trend in libraries is the inclusion of Manga materials in the collection. Manga is a Japanese style comic book, usually much shorter and thicker than a graphic novel, with mostly black and white images and read right to left. Popular Manga series that the Henry County Library carries are Akame Ga Kill, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, and Naruto.

Although graphic novels and manga traditionally appeal to children and teens it has also started being marketed directly to adults. Truly, this form of media can be enjoyed by everybody! In order to make the materials easier to find the Henry County Library is putting all of the graphic novels and manga into a single section of the library located on the back wall between the young adult and adult sections. Patrons will now no longer have to look for these items in various areas in the library. They are all in single spot. Please keep in mind that all age level materials will be together in this section. Juvenile level material will be marked with a ‘J’ on the spine label and young adult materials will have a ‘Y’ on their spine labels.

As someone who has always prided herself on being a complete and utter nerd, I am absolutely thrilled that it is now considered cool to be a Geek. No one need be ashamed of liking super heroes these days because they are absolutely main stream. So please, when considering where to get your next superhero fix drop into the Henry County Library and check out our new comics section. Don’t forget to also scope out all of our educational graphic novels, as well as our manga selection!