Browsing Made Easier!


By: Kristin Evans

Director of Library Services




Many people have a genre of book they prefer over others. In Henry County, westerns, mysteries, and romance, tend to be perennial favorites. If you are a frequent library user, you may have already noticed that some of our books have colored tape along the spine. These colors were meant to indicate a specific type of book to help patrons find their favorite genre. The knowledgeable patron might have known that blue tape on the spine signified science fiction, green was western, and red was mystery. This color coding scheme was admittedly confusing and difficult to figure out unless you worked at the library or were a long standing patron.

In order to make finding a favorite type of book easier, the Henry County Library is embarking on a project to add new genre labels to the spines of our adult fiction and large print collection. The new stickers will be much easier to understand than the color coded tape. The western stickers will say ‘western’ and have the picture of a cowboy boot on them. The mysteries will say ‘mystery’ and portray a magnifying glass and so on. Basically, the stickers will note the specific genre and be accompanied by an image that is readily comprehensible to the library patron.

As well as having the previous categories of western, mystery, and science fiction labeled, the library is also expanding the categories to include romance, Christian fiction, and fantasy. Because the library has tens of thousands of books in the adult collection this labeling process will take a couple of months to complete. We are using the help of community volunteers to assist staff with this sometimes time consuming process.

We hope that when we are finished patrons will be able to find their favorite types of books easier. We are also hopeful that the new labels will assist browsing patrons in finding new titles and new authors they were previously unaware of. As always, the Henry County Library is dedicated to constantly improving and innovating the services that we offer to the community. Happy book browsing!