Most popular items of 2017



By: Kristin Evans

Director of Library Services


At the beginning of every year I run a list to see what titles checked out the most in the previous year. I thought it might be fun to share this list with the community so everyone can see what titles were the most popular in the year 2017.

You may recall that in Spring of 2017 we started circulating wifi hotspots. Those items have been such a huge hit that two of them (one from the Clinton location and one from the Windsor location) tied as having the most number of check-outs for a single item with 33 check outs each in 2017.

Excluding the hotspots, list goes as follows:

               Title                                                    Author                                           Check-Outs

  1. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs    DVD                                                31
  2. Below the Belt                                  Stuart Woods                               31
  3. Pete the Cat, Pete’s Big Lunch       James Dean                                  30
  4. Camino Island                                   John Grisham                              30
  5. Are you Ready to Play Outside      Mo Willems                                     30
  6. Pete the Cat and the New Guy      James Dean                                    28
  7. Paradise Valley                                 C.J Box                                        28
  8. Hank the Cowdog #1                       John Erickson                                28
  9. Never, Never                                    James Patterson                           28
  10. The Black Book                                James Patterson                           28


Interestingly enough, a DVD was tied for the highest number of check-outs this year. The library is proud to be able to provide a large collection of DVD titles for patrons. Most of the DVDs in our collection are patron donations.


Children’s titles made a good showing on the list accounting for 5 of the 10 titles. Pete the Cat is clearly still very popular among the younger set. We were proud to host author John Erickson as part of our summer reading program in June of 2017 so it is no surprise that Hank the Cowdog made the list this year.


Of course, we couldn’t have a most popular title list without at least one James Patterson and John Grisham title. These authors are perennial favorites and 2017 was no exception.


We hope you have enjoyed taking a look at the most popular books at the Henry County Library in 2017. If you are interested in reading any of these titles for yourself drop by the library today and check them out!