Read Local!


By: Kristin Evans

Director of Library Services



Throughout the month of November, the Henry County Library will be hosting a display of fiction books by local authors. This year’s local author display will prominently feature authors June Rae Wood, Janis Harrison, and Loretta Ross. All three women live or have lived in Henry County and have published several novels. June Rae Wood is most well known for her children’s book, ‘The Man Who Loved Clowns’ which won the Mark Twain Award in 1995. Janis Harrison is the author of the Gardening Mystery Series which combines her love of writing and her knowledge as a florist. Loretta Ross is the author of the Auction Block Mystery series which features a small town auctioneer named Wren Morgan and an injured combat veteran, Death Bogart, as the main characters. If you have never read any of these authors before be sure to take a trip the library and check them out!

The display also includes other books by local authors such as Jennifer Fulford, Clytice Duzan, Jean Harris, and local illustrator Regi Cornell. Patrons can also find books by famous Missourians such as Mark Twain, Maya Angelou, Gillian Flynn, Laurel K Hamilton, T.S. Eliot, Kate Chopin, and Langston Hughes. This display has children’s books and adult materials. There are great reads for all ages. The Henry County Library strives to support local authors and encourages patrons to take the time to read books written by your very own community members.

If you are a local author and have published a book, either through a publishing house or via self-publishing, the library encourages you to bring a copy of the book to your local library location today. As long as the book meets our material policy standards we will be more than happy to add it to the library’s collection and make it available to library patrons. The Henry County Library takes its role as a repository of local work seriously, and is proud to host a collection of creative works by Henry County residents.

Support the local authors in your community! Read local by coming to the Henry County Library in November and borrowing a book from our local author’s display!