How Well Do You Know Your Library?


By: Kristin Evans

Director of Library Services




Many of the residents of Henry County have been to their local library at least once. Just over 50% of you have a library card. Most people can guess that the library has a large collection of books and has computers patrons can use. Some of you may even know that patrons can check-out e-books at the library and that we have DVDs as well as audiobooks available. But how many of you know that the Clinton location has a public notary on staff who notarizes items for free or that you can walk into the Lenora Blackmore Branch at Windsor and check-out a fishing pole?

Sadly, a public library and its resources can sometimes be the best kept secret in town. It’s time to de-mystify our public libraries. If you haven’t been to the library in a couple of years, please come back in and see how we have changed and grown. If you only come to the library to use the same one service again and again, take some time to walk around the other areas of the building to discover what else we have to offer. If you have never been to the library before then get the whole family together and come on down to sign up for cards and take advantage of all the free resources we provide to county residents. We are more than just books and computers. We are study rooms, storytimes, faxing service, database providers, local historians, lamination stations, program providers, event space and so much more!

Not everybody knows how to use the library and that’s just fine because we love teaching new library users all about who we are and what we do. Our staff are happy to give tours to groups who come to visit us and schedule in advance. We can arrange a scavenger hunt, activities, and other fun games for groups who come down. To request a tour of your local library please call 660-885-2612 or e-mail

A library should house mysteries, rather than be a house of mystery. Don’t let your local library go to waste. Check out what we have to offer via our web-site or better yet, come to the library and see all of our great resources for yourself!