Display Cases

Current Display Case: Wood Carvings by Larry Neuenschwander


Larry Neuenschwander lives in rural Deepwater.  He has been interested in woodworking since high school when he made a cedar chest in shop class. About twenty years ago, Jim Maxwell from Windsor, offered a woodcarving class in Clinton and Larry thought he would like to try carving.  He really enjoyed the class and has been carving ever since.  Until his death in 2009, Jim Maxwell would invite a few of his carving friends to spend Saturday carving on a special project with him at his shop in Cole Camp.  Projects included: duck decoy, clown, Indian bust, big hillbilly and Santa.

Jim’s wife Margie taught the guys how to paint their projects.  Larry really enjoys carving Santas and snowmen for family and friends at Christmas.  Two years ago he made a special ornament for... more